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Advanced Weapons

SMT Security is a provider of many advanced weapons that can assist anti-poaching units in their work
Jericho Pistol.


Ammunition - 9mm

Operation - Semi auto

Weight - 730gr

Length - 192mm

Height - 138mm

Width - 38mm 

Magazine weight - 285gr (Loaded)

Magazine capacity - 16 Bullets

Triger - Single or Double action

Intgral rail system


Micro Tavor

The Micro Tavor is one of the most advanced weapons in the world. It is light, short, has bollpup mechanism and can come in various caliber sizes.


Ammunition - 9mm, 5.56mm

Operation - Full auto

Weight - 3.0kg

Length - 580mm

Magazine capacity - 30 Bullets

Intgral rail system

Galil ACE Sniper Rifle


With the origins of the Galil assault rifle and the inovation of IWI, the Galil ACE Sniper rifle is one of the most efficiant and easy to use sniper rifles out there.


Ammunition - 7.62X51 mm

Operation - Semi auto

Weight - 5.7kg

Length - 1100mm

Magazine capacity - 21 Bullets

Clip on Scope mechanism

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