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Combat Gear

SMT Security provides high quality combat gear for any assignment and situation
Tactical Vests


The tactical vests comes with different shapes and sizes and can be tailored made for your requirements. It can either come fixed or modular for your choise.


Camouflage Suits


The campouflage suit is great for fied opertaions and lookuouts. It can be matched to any enviroment and gives the ultimate advantege to your rangers when preparing ambushes.

BulletProof Gear


Whether you are planing an assault or just preparing for a close range encounter, the bulletproof vest will protect the ranger and might save his life.


The vests comes in different range of protection levels for any purpose. It can be ready for heavy encounters with protection of 7.62 AK47 bullets or for undercover encounters with protection for 9 mm pistol bullets.

Back Packs


SMT is offering a wide range of back packs for field operrations. The packs comes in several measures from 25 Litres up to 90 Liters. All the packs are made from high quality materials and can be manufactured in any color to match any enviroment.


A special back support system that was crafted specificaly for long operations can be installed as well.

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