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Advanced Systems

For the past 35 years, the Israeli defense industry is developing
unbelievably efficiant protection systems that can give an answer to almost any challenge.
We provide these systems and more in order to help you protect more efficiantly and easily.

The UAV is the most efficiant tool in any protection organization hands. It is versatile and can operate in any terrain, and more importantly it is mobile and can be deployed anytime, anywhere.


The UAVs we provide comes fully equiped to work at night and day. Loaded with Thermal imaging systems and flight distancses that starts from 10km and up to 100km.

SMT Security Anti Poaching Thermal Imaging Equipment
Much More
SMT security Anti Poaching UAV Systems
Radars & Signal Tracking

Where the lens cannot see we provide other solutions. Radars are able to dedect human movement from many kilometers away and deploying them right can help in difficult terrain.


Celular signals are also a very powerful way to track unwanted people inside parks bounderies and get their loaction, thus making their capture a lot easier.


SMT has more systems to offer than this page can contain. If you are interested in learning about more capabilities, please contact us and tell us what you need, or if you rather, what are your challenges.

Thermal Imaging Systems

Thermal imaging systems are a great technology that lets you see at the darkest nights with no problems. It is based on thermal sensors that tracks heat and so it requires no light at all.


The range of thermal imaging devices we provide is very wide starting with hand held devices for 1.5KM and up to fixed devices that can as far as 7.5KM. 

SMT security Thermal Imaging Systems
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