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Weapons & Hand to Hand Combat

At SMT we have all the skills and knowlege that can make your rangers and other personel into a deadly weapon. Our trainers have years of experience in combat training and can help you improve your organiztion capbilities in every day gaurding, special operations, undercover assignments, self defense and more.


We are well familiar with all the weapons that are used today all over the world and can train your people to use the most advanced fire arms to date.

Surveillance Training


Surveillance units can change the rules of the game against the poachers. A good surveillance team in your desposal is a powerful tool that will assist you prevent poaching in your parks.


At SMT we train and build surveillance units that are trained to work together as teams, work undercover, gather real time information from the field, analyse information and make decisions that are more accurate and reliable.

SMT Security Anti Poaching Training
Leadership Training

Leadership is the most important aspect of todays management. By improving your officers and wardens leadrship skills you take your orginazation into a new level.


We can teach your men to be more precise, more efficient in decisions making and help them learn how to get a clear picture of the situation in hand, asses it and operate to change it to their benefit.


Our instructors have a wide experience in leading operational units and have traind many men before. 

Recon and Interception


Working deep in the bush, camouflaged, and collecting real time information from the field is difficult to do the right way.


We at SMT Security, train reconnaissance and interception teams that have all the capability to scout for long distances and intercept poaching activities by working together from multiple places.


The tactical advanteges can be great if you just build the right team and give them the right tools  

SMT security Anti Poaching Training
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