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If you are looking to make a significant change, look no further.

We have the capability to provide you with a solution to any challenge. As time moves on poachers and terrorists threats in your surrounding are becoming smarter and more efficiant. Some times the answer is not clear enough.


At SMT we developed a method that can assist you in deciding what will be your next step in increasing the security measures for the parks most threatened areas.


This method includes a complete survay of our officers in your park with your officers and warden, a deep analysis of the terrain and what it allows and the creation of a defense plan for the most threatened areas. 


The best thing about this process is that it is done together, bringing our experience from different operational fields and knowledge of all existing technology and your wide experience and acquaintance with the poachers and other threats.


At the end of the process you will recive a complete defense plan that will advise what equipment to acquire, what teams to establish and how to make the best use of your personel.

SMT Security protection programs
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